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10 Best Car Seats for 1 Year Old Baby 2021

by John Harry
car seat for 1 year old

“Life Begins with Adventures And Adventures Begin With Risks.”

So how can we overcome risks and enhance safety? We face many adventures and risks at every step but we take some essential steps and beat them to move forward towards our destination.

Today I talk about how we overcome safety risks while traveling with children. car seat for 1 year old Traveling and children are part of our life. We cannot deny this fact. Whether we avoid traveling or keep away children from traveling but how far?

We need an adequate solution like “car seats for 1 year old baby” that helps to keep toddlers safe and comfy while traveling. The car seats are equipped with many features like comfortability, proper safety, accommodation, etc.

Baby car seats come in multiple types and functionality modules i.e. rear facing car seat for 1 year old, forward facing car seat, belt booster seat, backless baby seat and some other variations are available.

These all have different features but mainly categorize by kid’s age and weight. Some models come in the combination of multiple modes like convertible car seats for 1 year old baby.  These 2in1 or 3in1 car seats are much more compatible and last many years.

Here The Question Is, What Kind Of Car Seat Is Suitable For a 1 Years Old Kid?

Rear-facing Car Seat:

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear facing best convertible car seats till 2 Years Age Or Long As Possible. Rear facing car seat for 1 year old provides you maximum protection and exceptional comfort. Rear facing also equipped with a flat laying bed for newborns so you can carry them easily from day 1.

  Products: Features:  
  • Features: 2x Side impact protection and anti-rebound bolsters to protect from collision rebounce energy.
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  • Features: Graco SlimFit exceeds US safety measures and complies with FMVSS-213 recommendations.
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  • Features: Multi-grip carrying handle and 3- panel extendable canopy.
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  • Features: Design to hold your baby in rear facing mode till age 4 or even longer.
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  • Features: Quick easy installation and within seconds quick fit harness and headrest adjustment.
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  • Features: Sleek reinforced steel body, duo guard safety, Ergo deep shell seat and Force tightened Latch.
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  • Features: 4 in 1 mode. Rear facing, forward facing, high back booster and backless booster mode.
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  • Features: Air mesh padding for adequate ventilation and Zip off covering for breeze easy cleaning.
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  • Features: Britax car seat integrated with multiple safety protections e.g. 5 point safety harness.
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  • Features: It gives your baby secure traveling. Seat integrated with side impact protection.
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10 Best Car Seat for 1 Year Old:

Local markets and online stores are full of various types of infant car seats but selecting the reliable one is not an easy task. There are many factors involved and we cannot take a chance to buy another one.

Research wisely and must consider some steps like built-in quality, compatibility, safety, and comfort. I did extensive research on different models to buy one for my little angel. Keep reading, I’m sharing that experience and convertible car seats review to make your decision easy.

Accompany Me, I’m Adding a Buyer Guide At The End:

Safety 1st Guide-65 Baby Car Seat | Smoke Grey- Tile Chambers:

Best fit for smaller cars. Smoky grey Safety 1st Guide baby car seat holds your little angel comfortably with comprehensive safety. car seat for 1 year old Underpriced rear facing car seat for infants and little toddlers up to 1 year old. Soft pillow cushioning and multiple harnesses keep your child secure.


Rear facing infant car seats keep your child secure and comfy. Safety 1st car seat comes with anti-rebound bolster and side impact protection. Anti-rebound and SIP protect your toddler from any harm by collision. High quality supreme cushioning also keeps the head safe.

Whether a lot of baby car seat for 1 year old types are available but this rear-facing car seat is able to transform into a forward facing car seat. It allows 5 lbs to 40 lbs weight in rear facing position and 22lbs to 65lbs weight for forward facing mode. Safety 1st seat for kids integrated with 5 adjustable harnesses along 3 upfront buckle adjustments. It also comprises 3 stages of headrest adjustment.

Adjustable harnesses allow kids to accommodate different sizes. You can adjust the harness as per need and position them appropriately. 3 point headrest ensures it fits the children’s size and height.

Smokey Grey baby car seat builds with a rigid steel frame and deluxe quality fabric padding. These fabric cushioning gives adequate support and comfort. Paddings are removable and can be removed for washing and wider space. Steel and plastic parts are cleanable and padding can be machine washed. The baby seat has two removable cup holders for keeping snacks, small essentials, or feeding bottles. Cheap car seat for 1 year old with all premium features.

Specs & Pros:

  • SIP and rebound bolster protection
  • 3point adjustable headrest
  • 5point harness with 3 upfront shoulder connectors
  • Removable cup holders and padding
  • Rear facing and forward facing mode
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Car seat for 1 year old Can be placed 3 seat side by side in the vehicle

Graco SlimFit 3in1 Best Convertible Car Seat:

Top-notch features and space saving convertible car seat. Graco SlimFit provides you high safety and comfort. Graco convertible seat engineered with rigorous safety test, 5point harness and EPS energy absorbing, ventilated headrest and seat.

Child safety and comfort is priority. Graco toddler car seat extremely conscious about kid’s safety. Graco slim fit seat passes 2x crash test and the seat has also passed the side impact protection for occupant retention. It complies with US FMVSS213 recommendations. Seat equipped with EPS foaming headrest. Energy absorbing headrest also protects an infant’s head from any collision force.

5 multiple position harness system adjusts the headrest and upfront harnesses. An additional feature, it has a storage compartment where you can store unused spare harness straps. 3in1 car seat for 1 year old comes in 3 transition modules, you can transform it in rear facing, forward facing and booster belt position. Seat has capacity to carry 5 to 40lbs, 22 to 65 for forward facing and 30 to 100lbs weight capacity for booster riders.

A 4point recline position helps to set right position and keeps the child comfortable. It is compatible with both rear and forward facing modes. Shock absorbing, premium seating and cushioning maximize safety. Padding is removable and you can remove it after removing the harness. Seat is washable with a mild detergent. Plastic and metal parts are cleanable by cool water. I’m happy to have this car seat for my baby. Really compact, fruitful and safe.

Specs & Pros:

  • Extreme temperature, 2x frontal and rollover crash test, SIP, EPS and FMVSS-213 safety protection
  • Sliding cup holders and storage compartment
  • 5 Adjustable harness and headrest height
  • 4 recline positions
  • Compact and elegant in design
  • 3in1 transition modes
  • Washable seating, plastic and metal parts

Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat, Lavender Ice:

Little car seat for the little angel. Baby trend infant seats are specially engineered for newborns and little toddlers up to 1 year old. Baby trend car seat equipped with energy absorbing soft padding, side impact protection and reinforced steel body. It provides your baby safe journey.

One hand easily accessible infant travel seat. Baby trend car travel seat designed in stroller shape. You can easily attach it with the back seat through a flexible Latch system. Compact size stroller baby car seats can be carried with multiple grey grip handles. It has 3 panel adjustable canopy for 1 year old children. 5 position safety harness and one-hand easy push-button access allow you to adjust height and seat size conveniently. 4 recline points help to keep the baby aligned. Car seat for 1 year old packed with premium pillow cushioning along energy absorbing headrest to protect from any frontal, rear or rollover crash impacts.

Delta boots provide extended comfort and keep child warmth.  4 removable pieces extend space for occupant and no-thread harness makes child in and out convenient. Its reinforced core frame and base have a quick fit belt attachment with a car seat belt.

Specs & Pros:

  • Delta multi-grip handle
  • 3-panel canopy
  • 4 recline positions
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Adjustable base height
  • Energy-absorbing soft cushioning
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to carry
  • Quick fit LATCH connectors for installation

Diono 2021 Radian, 3in1 Best Car Seat, 10 Years 1 Car Seat:

Attention Red Lovers! Sleek design and elegant pure red color car seat. Also available color variations. Diono R3 Randian car claims it accompanies your child from Day 1 to 10th Birthday. Completely slim fit 2021 new design, robust Steel core and 3in1 transition mode. In short, compatible with all age group toddlers.

Live your life in colors. Diono Radian car seats available in different variations and colors. Diana 3 in 1 seat design for the long run, it will be the best travel companion of your child. It is built to accommodate your child in a rear facing position from birth to age 4, it has the capacity to hold up to 50lbs weight toddler in rear mode.

Forward position mode compatible for 6+ years old and booster seating is recommended for 8+ or over 65lbs to 120lbs toddlers. It has 3 layer shoulder straps and a harness. Diana red cherry baby seat made from robust steel. Its automotive grade reinforced steel core protects you from any crash impact. Baby seat integrated with multiple heights, frame and headrest adjustment. Upfront harness keeps you aligned and safe. All in all, it’s a mid-range car seat by features and price. This is the best car seat for 1 year old child.

Specs & Pros:

  • Slim fit unique design
  • Available in various elegant pure colors
  • Mechanically engineered automotive grade steel core frame.
  • 3 cross harness fitting
  • 3 in 1 car seat. Rear facing, forward facing and booster belt mode.
  • Compatible for newborns to old toddlers

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Infant Car Seat:

Incredible looking, amazing car seat with exceptional safety and comfort features. Safety 1st infant car seat built to grow with your child. Multiple points reclines help to fuss free fit and wider front make it easy to get in and out your child. No more worries about splash! Breeze easy cleanable covering and body.

What are you seeking in a car seat? Long lasting durability, extended features, multiple stages usage and exceptional comfort?

Have you found it? Isn’t it? I got a car seat that has all modern features. Safety 1st Go 3in1 car seat is the most compatible and safe car seat for kids. This infant car seat meets the high safety standards. It passes the 2x crash test and the SIP (side impact protection) feature keeps your baby safe in any crash situation.

Safety 1st car seat for 1 year old and up is equipped with adjustable harness. An adjustable harness fits a kid’s body position and helps in keeping safe. An aligned position also gives comfort to the baby. It has an adjustable headrest. You can raise the height of the headrest as per the need or height of the child. The seat integrated with harness holders or bars. These bars hold unused harnesses away. You can put the harness aside while getting the baby in or out from the seat conveniently.

3 recline position helps to keep your baby. Little toddlers cannot hold their head and an adjustable recline ensures their comfort.

3 in 1 mode provides you 3 stages long run. Rear-facing car seats comply with your 1 years old baby. After growing up you can use this seat as a forward facing position and booster mode seat riding compatible for minimum 8years old kids. Its dual padding provides you even more comfortability and peace of mind regarding comfort and safety. Padding and all plastic parts are washable with mild soap.  Car seats have raised cup holders for the convenience of kids. 1 step easy mounting feature will save your time. Go & Grow 3 in 1 car seat available in 12 different color combinations. It’s a really good, premium quality baby car seat for 1 year old with a limited warranty.

Specs & Pros:

  • Side impact force protection
  • Rigid body
  • Cup holders
  • Adjustable harness and headrest
  • Go & Grow 3 in 1 mode
  • Dual comfortable padding
  • Adjustable height and recline system

My Fit Booster Infant Car Seat For 1 Years Old Baby:

Start a tour of practice and adventure with your 1 year old little angel. Chicco MyFit car seat holds your baby safely. It is equipped with multiple harnesses, recline positions, soft padding and training cup holders to keep your baby super comfy and easy.

Chicco MyFit transition car seat comes with a 5point harness. Adjustable harnesses make babies easy and comfortable. Little babies cannot stay in a single position therefore adjustable harness keeps them positioned for better protection. 4 position recline adjustment ensures right balance, helps to fit their position. Deep shell ergo seats with contour and 9 headrest alignment levels give extended comfortability.

Chicco infant car seat for 1 year old integrated with LATCH connectors and LockSure tightening system. It helps to attach the baby car seat with the back seat easily and securely. Seat also has side handrails and two cup holders. Cup holders provide small essentials storage and hold training cups or feeding bottles. Car seat’s core frame made from automotive grade steel and deluxe quality fabric.

Specs & Pros:

  • 9- Point headrest
  • 4- Position recline level for adequate position and balance
  • Rigid deep shell seat with padding
  • Dual layer protection
  • Energy absorbing 3D air mesh foam
  • Locksure tightening and effortless installation
  • Weight limit 4lbs to 50 for rear facing rider and 22 to 65lbs for forward facing kids.

Graco Grows4Me Best Car Seat, Infant To Toddler Car Seat:

A leading and prominent car seat brand. Innovative design and modern features toddler car seat. Easy to portable, compact in size and quick fit LATCH connectors. Quad transition modes. 10 position easy to use adjustable headrest, one click headrest adjustment. Extremely comfortable car seat for 1 years old kids.

Competitive price and top notch features will exceed your expectations. Garco Grows4Me car seat made for all ages toddlers. It keeps your child safe, happy and comfortable. Its rear facing mode design can carry newborn infants. 4 seating mode in 1 seat, rear facing accommodate 5 lbs to 40lbs weight, forward facing comply with up to 65lbs, high back booster position recommended for 65 to 100lbs weight toddlers and backless booster position is suitable for 65lbs to 110 lbs weight kids.

Toddler car seats come with 10 positions adjustable headrest. You can adjust the headrest at right position with one click. 6 point recline setting maximizes comfortability. A Simple safe and secured harness system gives you an additional edge, multiple positions back, upfront and shoulder harness keep your baby positioned and secure.

Graco good car seat for 1 year old engineered with following rigorous safety standards. It meets 2x crash test, extreme temperature absorber. It protects your baby from rear, side, frontal and rollover crash incidents. Car seat for baby builds with metal frame and energy absorbing padding. Covering is removable and can be cleaned through a machine wash. Easy to install and LATCH ensures a secure attachment.

Specs & Pros:

  • 10 position adjustable headrest
  • 6 point recline adjustment
  • Two cup holders and harness storage compartment
  • 2x crash test. Frontal, rear, side and rollover crash protection.
  • Cleanable padding material
  • Premium quality seat for 1 year old kids
  • Lightweight compact size

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Best Convertible Car Seat:

I’m amazed, it’s a really astonishing car seat with duo guard protection, multiple recline positions, safe harness and energy absorbing headrest and seating. LockSure quick fit mounting and extendable legroom. A premium fit for your 1 year old baby.

A comprehensive seat for safety and comfort. Chicco KidFit has a unique design, sleek body and attractive color combination. It has comprised of LockSure easy installation system. Duo guard and reinforced steel frame give your baby appropriate safety and optimum comfort.

10-height positions, multiple adjustable harness and headrest help to keep positioned. Chico baby car seat for 1 year old can transform into a booster seat to a backless seat. Wider seats and compact body size occupy less space in the vehicle and fit for rear facing and forward facing modes.  Its compact size and lightweight make it portable and easy to carry. Its comfortable padding provides your baby with fine comfort and support. Detachable padding allows easy cleaning.

Specs & Pros:

  • 10 point harness and headrest adjustment
  • Soft fabric padding and covering
  • Robust steel frame
  • Rear facing, booster and backless transformation
  • LockSure tightening and one-hand installation.
  • Washable material, dryer safe.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat:

Incredible car seat with countless features. Britax Boulevard car seat committed to ensuring your child’s safety and maximum comfort. Britax convertible seat comprises of 14 point harness and headrest adjustment, dual layer side impact protection, rigorously safety tested and high strength steel structure.

Buy with confidence. Britax Boulevard SIP car seat equipped with countless safety and comfortability features. OneClick easy installation saves time with convenience. You just need to push, wrap the threaded strap from sides to bottom and connect them. Britax car seats have 14-position harness and headrest adjustment positions that help to accommodate your baby adequately.

Premium quality fabric padding and coverage extends comfort. It has air mesh ventilated padding that allows air circulation and keeps your baby fresh. Additional edge seat padding is removable and can be machine washed for cleaning. 7 position quick-adjust recline provides your baby right fit at every age.

Last but not the least! Britax convertible car seat for 1 year old keeps high safety protection. Dual-layer side impact protection provides you safety from frontal, rear and rollover crash. V-shape technology, SafeCell technology and high strength steel core frame absorb crash energy, reduce movement and help to stabilize the seat.

Specs & Pros:

  • Quick-adjust 14 point harness and headrest alignment
  • Multiple recline leveling
  • Air mesh ventilated comfy seat
  • Compact size, rear and forward facing car seat.
  • SafeCell, V-shape and Dual layer side impact protection
  • Reinforced steel core
  • Available in different 20 colors.

Safety 1st Onboard 35 LT Infant Car Seat (Monument)

A safe traveling sensation from Day 1. Safety first onboard baby car seat specially designed for the newborns and infants. It is ultra-compact in size, breeze easy to carry and featured with all top-notch safety and comfort systems.  car seat for 1 year old Infant seats meet all JPMA and ASTM safety standards and keep newborns safe.

These newborns travel car seat engineered carefully and equipped with an ultra-robust steel frame and energy absorbing padding.  It accommodates a 4 pound weight baby to 35-pound toddler in rear facing position. 4 point harness and height adjustment helps to fit a tiny baby to 1 year old toddler. car seat for 1 year old Extra dual layer cushioning supports the body and head that keeps your baby super comfy.

Adjustable base height is an edge. Base height can be adjusted to best fit in your car. Extremely lightweight and easy to carry allows you to put or get a seat easily from vehicle. It meets FAA aircraft requirements and can carry with you on airplane journeys. car seat for 1 year old Wider space keeps your baby comfortable and easy in or out of your child from the seat. Soft pillow cushioning can be removed easily for machine wash. Padding is dryer safe.

Specs & Pros:

  • Ultra-compact size car seat for 1 year old
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  • 4 point harness and height fitting
  • Meets JPMA and ASTM standards
  • Special edition for newborns and little infants
(5 Best Car Seats For 3 Years Old Kids 2021)

Steps To Consider Before Buying Convertible Car Seat:

According to statistics usually 7 people out of 10 travel thrice a week with children and these numbers are increasing gradually. car seat for 1 year old Similarly increased the demand for baby car seats for toddlers. People look to buy the best car seat for babies, but you must keep an eye on these factors before buying a car seat for infants or older kids.

Types Of Car Seats:

A number of car seat models are available in market and they’re all categorized by features, durability and purpose of use. But mainly these all kinds of models are sorted into 4 main categories. car seat for 1 year old These 4 types are followed as rear facing, forward facing, high back belt booster and backless booster car seats.

Safety Standards Of a Convertible Car Seat:

Car seats must meet all safety standards recommended by the US Govt. and American Academy of Pediatrics. Car seat for 1 year old must rigorously pass crash tests, comply with FAA requirements and follow Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-213).

Users From Outside Of The US State Must Follow Relevant State And Local Authority Laws.

Durability Of Car Seats For 1 Years Old Or Up:

Car seats have shock absorbing robust steel frame and EPS energy absorbing headrest and deluxe quality padding. This kind of car seat lasts for many years.


The seat must have premium quality cushioning, adjustable headrest and harness.

Fits Your Child:

Seats are available in different sizes and also available by age. Buy a seat that will comply with your child. Compatible car seat for 1 year old gives your baby the right alignment, security and comfort. Whether seats come with adjustable harness and headrest to give adequate fitness and comfort.

Easy To Clean:

Car seats are built with cleanable plastic and metal parts. Padding must be washable and dryer safe for breeze easy cleaning.

Other Tips:

  • Must be lightweight, portable and easy to move
  • Must have recline adjustment
  • car seat for 1 year old
  • Easy to install and LATCH system
  • Car seat has training cup holders for 1 year old baby

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Kind Of Car Seat For a 1 Year Old?

Mainly 4 kinds of car seats exist. Rear facing car seat is most suitable and recommended by AAP.

What Size Car Seat For a 1 Year Old?

Compact size rear-facing car seat is appropriate for 1 year old baby.

Which Car Seat For 1 Year Old?

Convertible rear facing car seat recommended for 1 year old.

What Is The Safest Car Seat For a 1 Year Old?

The car seats must pass all safety standards and follow FMVSS-213, AAP and FAA recommendations.

What Is The Right Car Seat For a 1 Year Old?

Rear facing position, convertible car seat for 1 year old is the right match for a 1 year old kid.

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