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Travel Tray For Car Seats In (2021)

by John Harry
Best Travel tray for car seats

Do You Ever Think! How Would Your Kids Look Like With a “Million Dollar Smile”?

In this modern era, everyone travels daily or usually twice or thrice a week. According to a study approx. in 70% cases they travel with children.

At the beginning of the journey, kids make a lot of fun, sing-alongs, gossip, and laughter. They look happier and interact with the world, as well as you got stimulation too. But after a while, they’ve nothing to do, smile vanishes and they get bored. Simply giving the Smartphone isn’t the perfect solution.  Travel tray for car seats Keep them stimulated for long time.

Another Thing!

“The Car We Drive Says a Lot About Us”  – Alexandra Paul

Do you want to ruin your elegant car? travel tray for car seats Parents or any vehicle lover don’t want any mess in the car. Indeed we can’t deny the fact, kids will eat, play, spill, and leave a mess behind in the car.

I’m sure you would love anything that keeps your child occupied, makes the trip enjoyable and safe car seats from mess.

Considering all these, I pick a solution to boost kid’s energy level while the road trips. Car seat travel trays comprise a flippable feeding table, cup & smartphone holder, entertainment center and organize the small essentials.

Travel tray for car seats is a personal entertainment center that keeps your child happy and engaged. I enlist a few best travel trays for kid’s car seats and tray for back of car seat, I’m sure it would be helpful for you.

Best Travel Tray for Kids Car Seats:

Travel Trays inviting your child for a bunch of activities, light refreshments, a tour of the practice and MORE…

With so many models, number of types and a lot of variants may make you nervous to buy the right one. I have done extensive research and took various reviews & opinions from the buyers on best car seat travel trays of 2021. I’m compiling all the best travel tray for kids car seats on behalf of that feedback. Let’s go through and buy the best travel tray for car seats.

  Products Features  
  • Features: Dry-erase drawing surface, quick fit Ipad, smartphone place and zipper storage for essentials.
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  • Features: Quit easy soft flap, adjustable buckle strap for leveling and best travel tray for rear facing car seats.
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  • Features: Toddler car seat tray holds your tablet or phone securely and gives hands-free view.
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  • Features: This foldable travel tray can be used like dinner table, tablet pad, gaming board and storage compartment.
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  • Features: Cleanable and easy wipe Dry-erase board for drawing.
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  • Features: 2 in1 convertible travel tray for fun activities or you can hang at FWD backseat.
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  • Features: Travel tray has large inner compartment with leak-proof vinyl insulation.
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  • Features: Multiple large pockets, educational and waterproof art board surface.
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  • Features: Upgraded travel tray equipped with sturdy straps and breathable bottom support for long lasting.
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  • Features: It is compatible for all seating and comes with a bonus gift.
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10 Best Travel Tray For Car Seats (2021)

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray:

Lusso Gear kids travel tray has a wide range of features, it’s a complete personal play center. Travel tray design to keep your child stress-free, engaged and happy. It inspire active toddlers, puts driving stress behind and allows a lot to be done.


travel tray for car seats Lusso Gear travel tray provides a lot of activities to do and keeps them happy in routine rides or long trips. It attaches securely within minutes and compatible for all vehicles, stroller or anywhere your child seated. It equips with a lot of modern key features t give you convenience and comfort.

This useful tray stimulates the child’s mood and keeps them fully busy in entertainment, eating stuff or drawing. Its dry-erase board allows writing, drawing and painting. You can clean and restore it like a brand new with paper wipes or a damp towel. travel tray for car seats Kids travel trays for toddlers have an integrated place for secure Ipad or smartphone attachment. Now no worries of electronic gears crashing and kids can interact hands free.

Lusso travel tray for car seats comprises of many zipper storages where you can organize and keep you small essentials, pencils, notebooks and snacks. This car seat travel tray has all useful features. Its eating tray allows you worry free eating and a cup holder eases you to place drinks. Tray is waterproof and can be cleaned easily without messing up the car seats.

Specs & Pros:

  • Collapsible design, easy flip flap.
  • Secure detach/attachable Ipad, Smartphone viewing stand
  • Detachable storage box and cup holder
  • Large zipper storage pocket with 4 pen holders
  • 16×12.5 inches wide dry erase board
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easily portable and can be get in and out

CarSeat Tray -Toddler Travel Tray:

What’s looking up? “There’s a rainbow waiting for your child.” CarSeat toddler travel tray is most comfortable, compact and elegant. It comes in blue and pure pink color variation. Kids persuasive innovative design, easy to carry and compatible for all seating.

Simple unique design travel tray made for keeping everything. Its frame is quite sturdy and comfortable. Travel trays can accommodate a notebook, tablet, small toys, crayons and snacks. Now you can eat your meals and snacks easily with comfort. It also has a cup holder to make your drinks easily accessible, you can also place a feeding bottle and training cup.

It is specially designed for small toddlers with nontoxic nylon. Car seat travel trays of 2021 compatible for rear facing seats, forward facing seats. It also complies with booster seats, wheel chairs, stroller and can be used in trains and airplanes.

This travel tray for  Car Seats is equipped with adjustable buckle straps for keeping the tray in the right level. Car seat travel tray will keep away from journey boredom.

Specs & Pros:

  • Sleek design elegant pink color
  • Manufactured by Nontoxic, PVC-free nylon
  • Sturdy frame
  • Multiple pockets
  • Adjustable straps for leveling
  • Compatible for all seating

Kids Travel Tray For Car Seat | Toddler Car Seat Tray:

Kids travel tray for car seat gives a wide range of enjoyment and allows multiple activities to do. It occupies them and makes your journey more enjoyable and adventurous. This travel tray organizes all essentials, allows snacking and prevents mess on the seats.

Kids travel tray is the right companion for long road trips and it is also beneficial in daily rides. It ensures kids enjoy traveling. This tray comprises Velcro touch pouch, integrated earphone hole, waterproof surface, mesh pockets and bottle holders. travel tray for car seats It is flexible, foldable and sleek. This travel tray can hold many stuff like books, bottles, tablets, small toys, snacks and puzzle games.

Its surface is waterproof and you can simply clean it with a damp towel or paper wipes. 3” tall sidebars prevent things from falling. Toddler travel tray for car seats tested and fit for car seats, rear facing seats and airplane seats.

You’d Love To Read This, It Comes With a Gift 5 Drawing Papers And 6 crayons.

Specs & Pros:

  • Unique gift
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Cleanable surface
  • Large capacity
  • Suitable for car and airplane seats
  • 3” tall side bars
  • Velcro pouch for electronic gadgets

US Kids Car Seat Travel Tray Pink:

You will wonder, travel tray for car seats US kids car seat travel tray comes with a lot of features. Premium quality covering, attractive color, flexible stand and adjustable straps makes this travel tray a mark of elegance. It is made from nontoxic, BPA-free odorless material.

I bought this one and upon opening the packing I was amazed to look it comes with something extra, good. Isn’t it? US kids travel tray for car seats come with 2 activity sheets and 4 crayon markers as bonus. You can get additional 20 sheets by registering QR code. This convertible travel tray provides you with a sturdy surface for snacking, writing, drawing or you can use a tablet or toddlers mini laptop. It is equipped with a Velcro pouch for secure tablet attachment and hands free viewing experience.

It has 2 small mesh pockets and 1 large pocket for keeping small things, additionally it has a mobile pouch, flipping cup holder and 4 pencil holders.

Do you expect much? Yes! It has. It has all zipped pockets, tall side bars, front bumpers and sturdy adjustable straps. This travel tray is manufactured with high quality BPA free material. Adjustable straps make it easy to adjust and hold the tray in the right position.

US Kids Seat Tray Compatible For Car Seats, Airplane Seats, Wheel Chair And Strollers.

Specs & Pros:

  • Odorless and BPA free material
  • travel tray for car seats
  • 2 educational sheets and 4 markers free as bonus
  • Adjustable straps
  • Cup holder, pencil holders, 2 small pockets and 1 large pocket
  • Side wall and front bumper for holding thing from falling
  • Compatible for all seating
  • Price worthy

BABYSEATER Play Tray Kids Travel Tray:

Easy rides for everyone. BabySeater kids travel tray makes your rides comfortable, quiet and entertaining. Elegant dark black color, travel tray for car seats lightweight and sleek. It’s a vase of entertainment. Your baby will engage with drawings, viewing screens and snacking in long rides without creating mess.

Let’s allow your child to draw traveling experiences on a BabySeater travel tray drawing board. This whiteboard surface can be cleaned with paper wipes or towels. travel tray for car seats The travel tray enhances mood and imagination. BabySeater claims “Fun for everyone.” Kids travel tray surfaces are waterproof and dry-erase so you can take meals, do paper work, play games and many other activities.

It has black color unique design and looks cool. It comprises 3 mesh pockets for notebooks, multiple pen holders, integrated cup holders and side walls. travel tray for car seats Side walls prevent things from falling. It also has a tiny pocket for erasers and pencil cutters. It’s an underpriced best travel tray for kids.

Specs & Pros:

  • 3” tall side walls
  • Waterproof, dry erase surface
  • Wider space for keeping things or snacking
  • Travel tray for car seats have a Drawing board
  • 1 tiny and 3 large pocket
  • 1 cup holder and 4 pencil/crayons holders
  • Light weight, foldable and easy to carry

Kids Travel Tray By LillyCrafted-Premium Quality:

LillyCrafted travel tray is equipped with incredible features. Its elegant powder color and 2 in 1 unique design makes it a symbol of excellence. Animal and Emoji printed cover, BPA free material and multi usage design will exceed your expectations.

One of the latest and most attractive features in the travel tray. It’s not like the traditional travel trays. It has built-in dual mode. Kids can use this tray for eating, educational activities and placing things organized. It has a Velcro touchable zipped pouch where you can place your smartphone securely and watch screen with no worries. Another edge it has a quick foldable design and its back side it has another zipped tablet pouch. travel tray for car seats If kids haven’t any activity to do, they can hang it on the back of the seat and watch the screen.

Its light grey and aqua blue color makes it more attractive. It builds with nontoxic, odorless and BPA free premium material. It has 1.5inches wide buckle straps to hold the tray adequately. LillyCrafted travel tray for car seats integrated with multiple tiny and large zipped pockets to organize things in a best and secured way. I’m confident it’s the right choice for you.

Specs & Pros:

  • 2 in 1 mode, all traditional tray features and additional back seat screen pouch compatibility
  • BPA free plastic, and waterproof surface
  • Sleek design, unique color combination with comic style covering
  • Large organizing capacity
  • Zipped storage pockets and mobile pouches
  • Sturdy straps and multiple tiny side pockets.

High Road Car Organizer for Kids with Cooler

High road car organizer tray seems like a cubic basket. It’s a comprehensive travel tray and keeps your all essentials organized and provides you a breeze comfortable traveling. travel tray for car seats Its 2in1 design serves two persons.

High road car organizer trays fulfill all travel tray needs. It has a cubic shape large storage box where you can store meals, ice cubes, bottles or what you want. You can put snacks, beverages and bottles in a large compartment. Another thing, a large compartment has a divider to separate things.

 It’s waterproof and insulated. Outer side of the organizer has 2 deep large pockets at both sides for tablets, 2 zipped pockets for storage and 2 convertible bottle holders. It is also equipped with additional tiny pockets for small essentials or toys.

Large compartment covered with a zipped panel, it’s built with sturdy plastic. You can place toys or anything on top of the panel. Travel tray organizer integrated with dual strap belts. 1 strap attaches the organizer with a seat to prevent it from falling and another pair of shoulder straps allows you to carry the organizer anywhere with ease.

Specs & Pros:

  • Compatible for all vehicles
  • 4 Convertible bottle holders
  • 2 Zipped large pockets
  • Waterproof and vinyl insulated
  • Over 6.5inches 4 deep pockets for tablets or smartphones
  • Large compartment, moveable divider and zipped lid

Funtasit Kids Travel Tray All-in-One Carry Bag:

Unique, compact and briefcase style travel tray. You can carry it anywhere. It complies with vehicle seats, airplane seats and strollers. It has a 9×9 inches wide transparent tablet pocket and 2 detachable small toys pockets. It makes your kid’s journey comfortable and entertaining.

travel tray for car seats

Funtasit kids travel tray keeps your baby happy, engaged and boosted. It keeps them away from boredom and provide many activities in travel tray. Travel tray has equipped with large transparent touchable pouch for tablets. Toddler can watch screen hands free. It’s a zipped pouch that holds your smartphone or tablet securely.

Its wide surface accommodates small toys, games, educational sheets, crayons, notebooks and pencils. It also facilitates you to write or you can eat snacks on it. Travel tray is waterproof and cleanable, you can clean it by paper wipes or a damp towel.

It builds with premium fabric covering and BPA free plastic. Funtasit car seat travel tray comes in colors pink and light grey. travel tray for car seats It has 3 tiny pockets for pencil or crayons, 2 side detachable pockets, 1 integrated cup holder and 1 large zipped bottom pocket.

Oh! I Forget About Free BONUS. Funtasit Travel Tray Package Comes With a Beautiful Bracelet.

Specs & Pros:

  • 12×16.5 inches in size
  • Briefcase style, foldable travel tray
  • 9×9 inches wide transparent zipped mobile pouch
  • 2 detachable small pocket for toys
  • Deluxe built-in quality
  • Tiny pockets for crayons and pencils
  • Large zipped pocket at bottom
  • Dry erase, cleanable and water surface.

Upgraded Kids Travel Tray with Dry Erase:

“Pink is not just a color! It’s an attitude.” Upgraded design a beautiful, sleek and pink color travel tray for little angels. It provides you a mess free travel experience with children. Your kids will play, watch screens easily and eat stuff conveniently with this travel tray.

Your little angel will like this travel tray. Its lightweight unique design and pink color makes it more attractive. It gives a lot of activities and freedom to your kids. travel tray for car seats Now they can conveniently eat their snack on the travel tray surface. Surface is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with paper wipes. This travel tray surface allows you to draw sketches or can do school work easily in the car.

Its unique design allows you easy folding. It has adjustable straps that help you to keep the tray aligned. These straps also help you to carry it anywhere comfortably. travel tray for car seats Upgraded kids travel tray has multiple mesh and zipped pockets, transparent mobile pouch, cup holder and cleanable white drawing surface.

This travel tray for car seats comes with 5 educational sheets, dinosaur prints and multiple color pencils.

Specs & Pros:

  • Drawing top
  • Inner mesh small pockets
  • Foldable 3” tall side walls
  • Adjustable belt straps
  • Built-in zipped pocket
  • Pencil and cup holders
  • Back pocket for educational or drawing sheets.

Kids Travel Tray, Car Seat Travel Tray for Kids:

Let’s allow them to draw their imagination. Kids travel tray car seats come with a bonus drawing sheet and crayon pencil along with a tiny teddy bear. travel tray for car seats It makes your journey more adventurous and comfortable. This affordable and price worthy travel car seat has all top notch features.

It is not a single travel tray for car seats, it comes with multiple other bonuses. It’s package has 1 dry erase board, dry board pens and storage bag along with a fully featured travel tray. This colorful travel tray builds with reinforced BPA free material. travel tray for car seats It has foldable side flaps and a sturdy surface for all activities. You can place many stuff on the surface or it can be used for eating or writing works. It builds with environment friendly material and hasn’t any odor.

This compact and easy to carry travel tray makes your journey beautiful and peaceful, it engages your child in many activities and they stop fighting. travel tray for car seats the kids travel tray comes with an integrated training cup holder, pencil holder, small inner mesh pockets and a large zipped bottom pocket. It has a touchable transparent tablet pocket for right angle screen watch.

Specs & Pros:

  • Bonus gift
  • Compatible for car, airplane and strollers.
  • Odorless, nontoxic material
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Detachable strap
  • Secure tablet pouch
  • Zipped large pocket and small inner mesh pockets
  • Raised cup holder

Buyer Guide:

Storage Options:

Before buying any travel tray for car seats, you must check seat compatibility, storage options, key features and practicality. Buy a seat that can be used in rear facing, forward facing and stroller seating.

Storage Options:

Travel trays must have large storage compartments for organizing things properly.


Travel trays must be fulfilled and compatible with your needs.travel tray for car seats It must have large storage space, light weight, easy to attach and secure mobile pouch.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Yes! It provides you comfort and entertainment while travelling.


It depends upon the chosen model. But usually the travel tray for car seats comply with all vehicle seats.


Convertible travel trays for car seats are the best travel tray for rear facing and forward facing seats.


2in1 and booster travel tray for car seats are compatible for back car seats.

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