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10 Best Urbini Car Seat Reviews (2021)

by John Harry
Best urbini car seat Reviews

I remember going for a walk or market to buy some bread and eggs was so easy; you could do that whenever you wanted. Now, you’ve become parents to visit the farmer’s market or the nearby park sounds like a dream. Well, I have a solution for your Urbini car seats and strollers are the things you need now. These seats and strollers are so comfortable and reliable you can rely on it anytime and anywhere you want. This way, when you are buying fruits and vegetables or doing some exercise in the park, your baby is comfortably sitting in his/her Urbini infant car seat or stroller. It’s like a cruiser for the babies.

Now you can enjoy those short walks we are talking about earlier, as exercise and fresh air are necessary for you and the baby’s mental and physical health. urbini car seat This way, you can keep your sanity, enjoy life at its fullest, and keep the baby happy. Choosing the right seat belt lock stroller is also challenging, so let me show you the guide for buying the best Urbini car seats.

  Products: Features:  
  • Features: Easy pivot attachment, versatile swivel wheels and detachable snack tray.
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  • Features: Urbini stroller allows your baby rear facing and forward facing rides.
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  • Features: Price worthy, easy to install and side impact protection car seat base.
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  • Features: One4life car seat has 5 point harness and headrest adjustment, dual-layer side impact protection.
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  • Features: One-hand folding, multiple recline positions and lockable swivel wheels for extended control.
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  • Features: Multi-grip handle and no thread harness allows easy mounting.
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  • Features: Multiple recline and canopy positions. Versatile cruise tires for easy maneuver.
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  • Features: One-hand foldable design, reclining seat and extendable canopy.
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  • Features: Oversized canopy, cup holder, phone holder, and easily accessible large storage box.
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  • Features: Extra-long handles, easy to maneuver and ride-along board for toddler.
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10 Best Urbini Car Seat Reviews:

These days, everyone has a lot of work and responsibilities. But when it comes to a child’s safety concern, we all look after these concerns on priority. Choosing the best Urbini rear facing car seat or stroller with an extra grip handle is not easy. It’s too much time taking and a boring assignment. Recently, I bought a car seat for my child and did a lot of searching for choosing the best one. I’m sharing my experience, observations and enlisting 10 Best Urbini car seat reviews for your convenience.

Urbini Pivot Modular Travel System:

Urbini travel system overcomes your traveling issues and makes traveling comfortable along with infants. Urbini travel system includes a robust multifunctional stroller and infant car seat. urbini car seat 6 carriage mode and oversized storage compartment give you additional comfort.

Urbini travel system engineered with top class features. Urbini car seat and stroller build with high quality reinforced and industrial-grade steel. Base, snack tray and coverings are built with nontoxic plastic.

SafeMax car seats and other accessories paddings are packed with energy absorbing foam. High built-in quality gives your baby extensive comfort and security. Urbini infant car seat is integrated with pivot base that is easily attached to the car’s back seat. Shock absorbing sturdy base prevents frontal collision impacts.

Infant car seat holds 5 to 35lbs weight in rear-facing mode. Multipurpose travel system Urbini stroller gives you a 6 mode ride option, you can keep your baby in the rear facing, forward facing and down position. urbini car seat Stroller has versatile cruiser tires, lockable swivel tires make trolley handling convenient.

Stroller has an oversized storage compartment to store small essentials and other things. Stroller included with a detachable snack tray for training cups. In short it has numerous features that can’t be merely described.  It would be the best travel system for you.

Specs & Pros:

  • Meets all safety standards
  • Urbini car seat and stroller set
  • Detachable snack tray and cup holder
  • Versatile cruise stroller wheels
  • 6 riding modes in stroller
  • Quick attachable car seat
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere

Urbini Stroller And Car Seat:

Urbini sonti car seat and strollers specially designed for newborns and little infants. Urbini stroller comprises one hand tilting recline, multiple position canopy umbrella and large storage compartment urbini car seat.

Usually when mothers need to go outside, they hold their little infant in hands, it’s a too unpleasant task. Urbini strollers make this convenient for you. Urbini stroller has multiple built-in features that gives you and your baby extended care and comfort.

Stroller has a sturdy frame and premium quality fabric cushioning. Urbini stroller and car seat hold 5lbs weight to 50lbs weight. Stroller has a rear facing and forward facing transition. urbini car seat One-hand tilting recline makes it more comfortable, foamy handles allow you easy maneuver.

Strollers have a 5 step adjustable umbrella canopy to prevent your child from sunlight, heat and rain. The foldable compact size makes it easily portable and storable. urbini car seat Self-standing urbini sonti infant car seat stroller integrated with 5 point harness for keeping your baby positioned and safe. It’s a reliable and price worthy stroller.

Specs & Pros:

  • Reversible stroller seat
  • 5 step adjustable umbrella canopy
  • 5 point safety harnesses
  • Lightweight, portable and large storage compartment
  • Easy to maneuver and self-standing
  • Carrying capacity up to 50lbs
  • Premium cushioning

LiteMax Urbini Omni Car Seat Base:fe

Urbini Omini Car Seat base makes car seat and baby carrier attachment more convenient. urbini car seat LiteMax car seat base easily attached to SureSafe Latch technology. Car seat base meets rigorously to all safety standards.

Now you don’t need to attach and detach your car seat every time. Urbini Omni car seat base compatible with many Urbini and Evenflo car seat models. All Evenflo models can be attached upon base within seconds. Car seat base builds with sturdiest steel and nontoxic, BPA free plastic.urbini car seat It rigorously crash test passed and certified side impact protected seat base. Urbini seat base follows all safety standards recommended by the law.

Car seat base equipped with SafeSure quick LATCH technology that ensures right quick fitting. Additional LATCH guides for right alignment. Urbini car seat base is designed professionally and will last longer.

Specs & Pros:

  • SafeSure installation system
  • Integrated LATCH guide
  • Sturdy steel frame and plastic body
  • Side impact protection certified
  • Underpriced, high quality car seat base
  • Compatible with Urbini and Evenflo car seat models.

One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Urbini Sonti Car Seat

Elegant design and pure black color make it more good looking. Innovative design and top notch features make it really the safest, reliable and comfortable car seat for your kid. Just this single-seat will last up to 10 years and grows with your child. Britax one4life complies with your child in rear facing, forward facing, booster and high back belt booster positions.

Urbini Sonti car seat equipped with countless safety features. OneClick easy installation saves time with convenience. You just need to push, wrap the threaded strap from sides to bottom and connect them.

9 position quick push recline provides your baby right fit at multiple angles. Urbini car seats keep high safety protection. Dual layer side impact protection offers you safety from frontal, rear and rollover crash.

The car seat has 15 point harness and headrest adjustment positions that help to accommodate your baby adequately. Premium quality fabric padding and covering extend comfort. It has air mesh ventilated padding that allows air circulation and keeps your baby fresh. urbini car seat Additional edge seat padding is removable and can be cleaned with mild soap.

V-shape technology, SafeCell technology and high strength steel core frame absorb crash energy, reduce crash movement, and stabilize the seat to give your baby extended safety. All in all, it accompanies your baby from birth to 10 years old. according to a consumer report; urbini car seat safety ratings are enough high in the consent of durability, safety, comfort, and assembling

Specs & Pros:

  • 15 point harness and headrest adjustment and 9 recline positions
  • Air mesh ventilated padding seat
  • Rear facing, forward facing, booster and belt booster modes
  • SafeCell, V-shape and Dual layer side impact protection
  • Reinforced steel core
  • Click Tight quick installation system

Graco Verb Travel System Car Seat:

Unique design and exceptional performance. KidsEmbrace Batman car seats give you optimum safety with one hand adjustable 5 step harness and 2 crotch belt positioning. urbini car seat Exclusively easy mount LATCH systems make installation effortless and saves your time.

Everything has a limit, all gears come with limited features. Whether Garco travel system also has finite features but you can’t count all these on fingertips.urbini car seat  Travel system comprises of infant stroller, toddler stroller, baby carrier and a comfortable car seat. It gives you multiple ways to ride. Now you can save a lot of money you may invest in all these things that Graco offers in one little single price.

Urbini Petal infant car seat accommodates newborn to 5+ year’s age children. Car seat has integrated with adjustable canopy. This compact size car seat can be used as a baby carrier, it makes it convenient to go outside with the baby conveniently. Canopy prevents your child from heat, sunlight, dust and rain. Steel body frame and premium quality fabric covering make it more secure and comfortable for infants.

Easy LATCH connectors attached the car seat with the back seat easily. Urbini petal car seat has an adjustable headrest and firm handle. Firm handles allow you the seat as a carrier everywhere. Graco travel system also comes with a baby stroller trolley. Car seats easily mount with strollers. urbini car seat You can place the seat in rear facing and forward facing modes. Stroller equipped with an adjustable canopy and lockable front wheels for extended safety.

Stroller has a large storage compartment, 2 parent and infant snack trays. An Urbini car seat set provides your baby extended love, care and comfort.

Specs & Pros:

  • One step secure attachment
  • Lightweight, one-hand foldable and easy to maneuver
  • Rear facing and forward facing option in stroller
  • Large storage compartment
  • Sturdy frame, safe and comfortable
  • Multi position recline and harness
  • Parent and child tray

Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35:

Urbini Sonti infant car seat builds with premium quality EPS covering, sturdy base and reinforced industrial grade steel. It keeps your baby comfortable and secure. urbini car seat Side impact protection and EPS headrest makes it more reliable about infant safety.

Baby trend urbini car seats give you full peace of mind while traveling. Now you don’t need to worry about the baby’s safety and comfortability. Baby trend infant car seat builds with premium fabric foam, energy absorbing headrest and the sturdiest steel body. Car seat comes with a 5 point harness, push-button release and 3 step adjustable canopy. Multiple harnesses adjustment helps to keep the baby positioned.

4 removable padding pieces allow more space when needed upon growing up. A grip sturdy handle allows you to carry the seat like a baby carrier anywhere. urbini car seat 4 recline positions and no thread harness allow easy installation. Built-in belt lock-off ensures tight installation.

Specs & Pros:

  • Easy LATCH connectors’ attachment
  • 4 recline positions and 5 point harness safety with one push adjustment
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Side impact protected base frame
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Premium padding, energy absorbing headrest

Graco Travelite Umbrella Stroller:

Graco travellite umbrella stroller makes your routine walks convenient. Now you go shopping, for grocery, routine walks or jogging with your little infant. Graco stroller keeps your baby safe, comfortable and easy to carry anywhere.

Graco travellite stroller has a lightweight frame and a unique durable design. You can go outside with your child. It ends your baby’s boring days and allows your company everywhere. Incredible design stroller has 2in1 transition, you can place your baby in rear facing and forward facing modes. Beneath the baby seat, a large storage compartment eases you to store anything like baby essentials, snacks, pivot, etc.

Multiple harnesses keep your baby positioned and safe. 4 point recline position supports the infant seat at different angles. Adjustable calf support gives you extended comfort and allows older toddlers to sit in. lockable swivel wheels give you control to maneuver easily. Garco stroller has integrated with 2 cup holders, a tray, and an easy access large storage compartment.

The extendable canopy also keeps your baby secure from direct sunlight, heat, dust and rain. Overall it’s the best stroller that has Urbini car seat compatibility and is safe for your infant.

Specs & Pros:

  • 4 point recline position
  • Easy accessible large storage
  • Extendable canopy
  • Lightweight, lockable swivel wheels and easy to maneuver stroller
  • Rear and forward facing mode
  • 5 point harness for safety

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Car Seat:

Kolcraft stroller comes in five different colors. It is a perfect choice for newborns and infants. It comprises mini tubeless tires and front swivel wheel. Front wheels are lockable in the same position. The locking features make strollers much safer while parents are jogging or pushing the baby stroller.

It makes the lives of parents more comfortable and convenient. It has a wider space for babies. Stroller accommodates your child in rear facing and forwad facing modes. Stroller comes with an adjustable canopy to prevent UV lights and rain. The Urbini car seat stroller has a large storage compartment and two cup holders. Its extra storage containers allow parents to bring along all their essentials.

The stroller dimensions are 18 W x 31 L x 34 H. Stroller has a one-hand push easy folding and it’ll seamlessly fold the whole stroller. Due to the seamless foldability, it is super convenient for the parents to store it at home and travel with it. It easily fits in the back of a car after folding. Multi-position reclining provided along with soft padded seats. Children feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy in this baby trend stroller. With lockable front wheels, you can maneuver and stop it easily. Kolcraft follows the FMVSS safety standards.

Specs & Pros:

  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Multi position recline seat
  • Compact foldable
  • Storage box and parent-child tray
  • Lockable swivel wheel
  • 5 point harness

Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller:

Summer 3D convertible stroller equipped with multiple recline positions along a five-point safety harness that is fully adjustable in any position. Comprises of a tether strap and a fully adjustable canopy. The canopy is handy to block the rays of sunlight and harsh wind.

Summer 3D lite+ stroller comes in various colors. It has a unique design and amazing features than other traditional baby strollers. Its modern and unique design looks more elegant. It has a sturdy body frame and premium quality soft fabric covering. Soft covering keeps the baby comfortable. The stroller has a 2in1 transition, you can place your baby in rear facing and forward facing modes. Multiple reclining and 5 point harness keep your baby in multiple positions and safe. Easy to foldable design makes easy to store or fold/unfold.

Extendable oversized canopy prevents your child from UV lights, wind, and rain. A large storage box allows you to keep the baby’s essentials. Summer 3D stroller equipped with two cup holders, a phone holder that makes your shopping or walk more easy and comfortable. Stroller integrated with anti-shock front wheels, anti-rebound protection and an auto-lock swivel wheel. It also comprises a carrying strap that makes handling easy. It’s a perfect stroller for your baby.

Specs & Pros:

  • Parent’s friendly, lightweight, foldable and premium fabric covering
  • One-hand adjustable recline seat and 5 point safety harness
  • Lightweight, easy foldable with an integrated carrying strap
  • 2 cup holders, oversized canopy and phone holder
  • Anti-rebound, anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels

Evenflo Sibby LiteMax 35 Urbini Infant Car Seat:

Evenflo urbini infant car seat comprises supreme quality padding, spacious seating, ride-along board, 3 stages canopy panel, storage box and mesh pockets. It is made with top notch features and fulfills all your stroller related needs. Stroller can accommodate an infant in a seating position and a toddler on board.

Urbini infant car seats and strollers have supreme features. It gives you multiple ways to ride. Stroller has an extra-long handling grip that makes maneuver easy. Long size handle gives additional space to grip the handle for on board riders. It has an integrated storage box along with small mesh pockets at the backside of the stroller for keeping small essentials.

Stroller builds with steel frame and supreme quality padding. It keeps your baby safe and comfortable while going outside. Stroller also equipped with a multi-stages adjustable canopy with a peek-poo window to see the child all time.

Easy to foldable structure makes it convenient to store or carry anywhere. It comes with an additional ride-on board that allows two riders at a time. Multiple recline and 5 points harness ensure comprehensive safety and alignment. It’s a unique, price worthy and elegant urbini car seat stroller.

Specs & Pros:

  • One step secure attachment
  • Lightweight, one-hand foldable and easy to maneuver
  • Rear facing and forward facing option in the stroller
  • Large storage compartment
  • Sturdy frame, safe and comfortable
  • Multi position recline and harness
  • Parent and child tray

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Urbini Car Seat’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How To Install An Urbini Sonti Car Seat?

The Sonti car seat comes with a modern LATCH connectors system. Easy Latch connectors allow quick-fit installation within minutes.

How Much Does An Urbini Infant Car Seat Weight?

Urbini car seat weight varies by model, but usually, car seats have about 13lbs net weight.

Where Do I Find My Product Information?

Upon tearing the package, you’ll find a user guide manual, it holds all information about your product.

What Baby Trend Products Are Under Recall?

Baby trend manufacturers provide you an additional service, if any relevant product got damaged you can recall them for maintenance.

How Do I Clean My Urbini Car Seat?

Urbini seats are built with washable padding and cleanable steel and plastic parts. Paddings are washable and dryer safe.

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